Dear friends,

Living your dreams in freedom is the leitmotif under which LIBERTY RACING was created. The vision is carried by a glorious magical force. With Fantastic Moon‘s magnificent victory in the IDEE 154th German Derby on the first Sunday in July 2023 at Hamburg-Horn, many dreams held by our syndicate shareholders, their friends and families have come true.

We are Champion of German Owners 2023 and Fantastic Moon was voted the 2023 Horse of the Year 2023! It can go on like this!

Due to the joy, success and enthusiasm in the syndicates, we are offering at least two syndicates in 2024: LIBERTY RACING 2024 PLATIN and LIBERTY RACING 2024 GOLD.

This way, we assure that many people can be part of the dreams for the future in 2024 as well. We start with the sale of the shares for LIBERTY RACING 2024 PLATIN. Once the syndicate is sold out, we will start selling for LIBERTY RACING 2024 GOLD. If both syndicates sell out quickly, we might offer LIBERTY RACING 2024 AUSTRALIA as an option.

At the yearling auctions, our team will once again acquire hopefuls that keep the Derby and Oaks dreams alive in order to share the fascination of horse racing. Make sure you are a part of it!

Lars-Wilhelm Baumgarten
Founder and entrepreneur

Nadine Siepmann
Co-Founder and Communication

Lars-Wilhelm Baumgarten with Nadine Siepmann
Lars-Wilhelm Baumgarten with Nadine Siepmann

Would you like to become a part of LIBERTY RACING? Make sure you get a share!

If you are interested in one of our shares, please contact us. We will get back to you shortly and present our current shares to you.

Liberty Racing news

Goals and vision

Driven by the power of noble thoroughbreds, LIBERTY RACING combines an attitude to life for freedom, love of horses and shared successes on the racetracks of this world.

We have set ourselves the goal of promoting and experiencing the thoroughbred horse as a cultural asset and, as a community of owners, always keeping an eye on the well-being of the horses during and after their careers.

Our mission statement

Professional selection of top horses by an experienced and well-connected team of experts in all areas (breeding, conformation, pedigree, vets, trainers).

Experience racing together - on the racetrack, in the morning work, at the stud. Focus on the classic potential of the horses for the Derby or the Diana Prize.

The syndicates

Due to the high demand, we have decided to expand the LIBERTY RACING range.

LIBERTY RACING 2024 PLATIN with 4-5 horses, LIBERTY RACING 2024 GOLD with three horses and optionally LIBERTY RACING 2024 AUSTRALIA with two to three stallions. We have also established the LIBERTY BREEDING breeding syndicate.

Our horses


Our brochure: LIBERTY RACING 2024


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