Goals and vision

Carried by the power of the noble thoroughbreds, LIBERTY RACING combines an attitude to life for freedom, love of horses and joint successes on the racetracks of this world.

We have set ourselves the goal of promoting and experiencing the cultural heritage of the thoroughbred horse and, as a community of owners, always keeping an eye on the welfare of the horses during and after their career.

This is how the following goals have emerged as the vision of LIBERTY RACING:

  1. Bundling all national and international friends and acquaintances in joint private syndicates.

  2. To experience champions on four legs together on the racetracks of this world.

  3. Visit places of triumphs and stud farms.

  4. Emotions and leisure fun for the whole family and with like-minded people.

  5. Experience the dream of winning derbies and major national and international victories.

  6. Live the love of thoroughbred horses.

  7. To always promote animal welfare as the foremost principle and to ensure the horses' careers after their careers on the racecourse.

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