Our mission statement

Supported by our successful vision, LIBERTY RACING works with the following mission statement:

  • Professional selection of top horses by an experienced and well-connected team of experts in all areas (breeding, conformation, pedigree, vets, trainers)

  • The selection focuses on successful German families and proven stallions, with the emphasis on the classic potential of the horses for Derby or Diana. For LIBERTY RACING 2023 Gold, unproven stallions will also be considered and the focus of the purchase decision will be on the horse's conformation; unproven sire stallions may also be selected.

  • In addition to the latest IT technology, successful trainers and other very successful auction buyers are consulted in the selection of horses through the use of successful programs (such as equineline.com, thoroughbreddailynews.com or g1goldmine.com). The selection process begins long before the auction - in the paddocks of the stud farms and in the intensive study of the horses' pedigrees. The knowledge gained from many years with successful horse families is used here to ensure the success of the syndicate.

  • Pre-training by experienced experts and training by top trainers

  • Selection and development of horses through professional management

  • No risk of loss as high as with the purchase of a single horse - with one payment you have a share in many horses.

  • Use the strength of German breeding (especially Stamina) and its globally successful lines through targeted purchases

  • Use the international network and experience for sales worldwide

  • experience racing together - on the racetrack, in the morning work, at the stud farm

  • new syndicates every year

  • great events organized by the shareholders - leisure time at the highest level (with lectures on entering the world of thoroughbred racing)

  • no investment property

  • All decisions and services for LIBERTY RACING are made by the LIBERTY RACING Management UG team.

  • All syndicate members are aware that a full loss of the money invested can occur even if several horses are purchased. Gallop racing syndicates are a hobby and are part of an upscale leisure activity, not an investment.

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