Facts about the syndicate

  • Name: LIBERTY RACING 2023 Gold

  • Founder: LIBERTY RACING Management UG

  • Term: 1.8.2023 to 31.12.2025

  • Shares: 30 at 10,000 euros each

  • Subscription period: 1.8.2023 to 30.09.2023

  • Number of horses: 2 stallions purchased at the BBAG yearling auction

  • Purchases: At auctions in Baden-Baden, Deauville, Newmarket, Ireland and from the racing stables and stud farms

  • Selection criteria: Unproven sires possible, focus on the classic potential of horses for the Derby and the Diana. Selection as in previous years (IT programs, visits to stud farms and auctions, selection team of 5 people must say yes to each purchase).

  • Sales/dissolution: Horses are sold at the end of their 3rd year - 1 horse can be kept for a further year after a majority vote. Settlement takes place on 31.12.2025. All proceeds and profits are paid out to the shareholders after deduction of all costs (purchase, training, vet, etc.).

The horses of LIBERTY RACING 2023 Gold

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